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Oct 16 2011

FAQs that aren’t frequently asked.

So what is this blog about?

This blog is about the process, a phrase I’ve heard many times in classes. “It’s all about the process.” This Tumblog is going to be used to document my experience with “the process”. 

So what are you making?

From the cover of the project, a zombie short film. Inside the pages of the project, a drama with horror elements. I’m a lover of zombie films. Notable favorites include: Dawn of the DeadLand of the Dead (Just for that one particular zombie), REC, and 28 Days Later (if crazy human rabies counts as a type of zombification).

Drama w/ horror elements?

What that means to me, at least, is that I want to focus more on the emotions, conflicts, and connections between a group of people facing an apocalypse. That’s where the drama comes. When I say horror elements, it means that zombies will come and attack the group, of course, but not without purpose. The zombies will advance the plot and develop the characters.

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